Greece: September 2019

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  • September 8, 2019
  • September 22, 2019
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Day 1 After meeting in Athens, we drive to the beautiful Evritania to begin our journey through the mountains. Due to it’s altitude, Evritania has a cool, clean environment that provides a stark contrast to the usual dry landscape of Greece. Deep canyon’s cut through it’s rich alpine forests, with the crystal clear Krikellopotamos river and it’s waterfalls running through it’s centre. It’s an incredible place to walk, described by many as a vision of heaven. The local area has an alpine-village feel and after a day of exploring the area we will rest in one of the local rustic hotels.

Day 2 We journey along the Krikellopotamos river on this day, enjoying it’s wild gorges and ravines. The gorges are covered with cascading waterfalls that we will see all along this trail until we reach the most impressive part, the Black Cave, which we will spend some time exploring in more detail. Continuing from here we have an impressive drive over the mountains until we reach Megalo Chorio, an idyllic mountain village that has kept it’s original buildings and traditional charms. You can enjoy the spectacular views and delicious home-cooked food and wine before returning to our hotel in the evening.

Day 3 We begin the day with a visit to Proussos Monastery, a site where thousands of people make a pilgrimage each year to visit an icon of the Virgin Mary that resides here; it is believed the icon can perform miracles. The monastery itself is particularly beautiful and is situated amongst a breathtaking landscape. From here we continue by jeep to Agrafa, our journey encapsulating incredible views of the mountains, tiny villages with delicious food and an impressive bridge that passes over Lake Kremasta. The route is mostly off-road, taking you through the most hidden and untouched parts of Greece. Agafa itself is wild and remote; not known to most tourists but is a wonderful place to see and experience due to its beautiful landscape and antiquated way of life. We end the day in Lake Plastira for dinner and accommodation.

Day 4 Lake Plastira is an area of ethereal beauty; surrounded by alpine peaks, dense forests and clear streams, it presents an astounding view from every angle. On this day we spend some time walking and enjoying this area before we drive to Zagori. The jeep will take you on a wonderful journey through the mountain regions, thick with beautiful forests and picturesque villages. The evening will be spent in Zagoria for the night’s accommodation.

Day 5 We’ll spend this day exploring the most beautiful parts of Zagoria. Unknown to most toursits, Zagoria is one of the most special regions in Greece; made up of ancient mountain villages surrounded by an area of extreme natural beauty. We’ll explore Vikos Gorge, famous for it’s astonishing scale and magnitude (surpassed only by the Grand Canyon). The trek will take us through the areas of wild scenery, breathtaking cliff edges and along the brilliant turquoise waters of the Voidomatis River. We’ll also spend time in some of the ornate villages nestled inside the mountain, such as Miko Paprigo. In the evening you will have an opportunity to go to a Greek cookery workshop and return to our hotel for another night.

Day 6 In the morning we drive by jeep through the mountains to Grevena for rafting on the Venetikos River. It’s a beautiful route that runs between rocks and forests. Following this we drive to Meteora which we will explore by foot. Meteora’s landscape is completely unique; a valley of giant rocks that have been split by tectonic movements and weathered for millions of years. Embedded here are 24 beautiful monasteries, established in the 14th Century, some of which are still in use today. It’s impossible to visit Meteora without being overcome with awe, experiencing peace or a the spiritual calmness.  We spend the evening close to here in Kastraki, a picturesque village where we can a enjoy wonderful Greek music, food and ouzo.

Day 7 On our final day we will have an opportunity to see more of Meteora and to visit the monasteries there, with beautiful ancient walks along the paths the Monk’s trodden for over 600 years. In the afternoon we head to Kamena Vourla where we can enjoy the natural hot springs. We also have time to visit Karya, a local village where Leonardas, the King of Sparta is buried. We will have time for one more wonderful Greek meal before our trip concludes and we leave for our evening flights home.

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 This self-drive jeep tour takes you on a journey to some of the most magical and ethereal parts of Greece, where you will experience a cool mountain breeze when the rest of the country is baking under the hot summer sun. From the chasms of Vikos Gorge to the majestic pinnacles of Meteora’s monasteries, this expedition will uncover Greece’s most beautiful and ancient secrets that will leave you feeling revived and restored.


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