Why Anaman Travel

What do you get when you order trips with us? And why you will love Anaman Travel trips?

Amazing Trips!

We build spectacular trips that you’ll never forget! With experience of hundreds of travelers in the last 13 years.

Extended Insurance

As part of TTNG group, not only you are secured but also your money in insured until the end of the trip!

The smallest details

Every hotel, each guide and every small detail we are checking carefully in order to ensure your best experience.

Hiking and Culture Trips

If you like to travel in the silence of nature, love the group comfort, a guide and love to experience new places and get inspiring stories, you'll love our organized trips. In our trips we are getting closer to the culture, to the tastes, the smells and sounds of remote locations, far from the crowd and closer to nature and yourselves. Anaman Travel welcomes you to join us in amazing organized trips.

Welcome to Anaman Travel

My name is Eli and I invite you to join us to the most spectacular trips around the world! As a travel guide with 15 years of experience, I have seen a lot, guided hundreds of groups and planned many trips… I’ve chosen for you several trips that I find the most beautiful and inspiring in the world and I welcome you to join me and Anaman Travel international team to experience the world from an amazing point of view.

Eli Magal Anaman Travel

Adventure Self Driving Guided Trips

The most beautiful places are not accessible. This is why our 4X4 adventure trips are so unique. We take you through spectacular mountain ranges, the wildest rivers and most remote villages, exploring breathtaking adventure from the comfort of your own jeep. We are getting far from the crowd and show you the best there is to see. Anaman Travel is specializing in 4X4 trips and managed hundreds of groups through the years.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”

– David Mitchell

Independent Trips

Are you looking for a custom-made trip with family or friends? A trip that you can quietly enjoy without the hustle of long hours research and with experienced travel agent that knows the best locations. Anaman Travel will provide you with everything: flights, hotels, car rentals, verified tracks with attractions, children activities, exciting experiences and a lot of fun. The package include remote support and you'll only need to pack your things and fly quietly.

What our clients say about us

Zohar Lerman

We traveled 9 friends with Eli in June 2018 in the Spanish Pyrenees. It was an excellent trip. The views, the food and wine were perfect. Eli is a great guide with lot of knowledge about the region and history, fit himself nicely to the group and didn’t try to push us according to the timetable. I highly recommend listening to his ideas – nature picnics, rafting, new track that was received as recommendation during the trip and more.

Liran Sela

Great company with amazing people.

Tziki Azuz

We were traveling with Eli in the Pyrenees and it was spectacular. Amazing views, great food and above all – very organized trip with everything we needed. From the jeeps to the hotels. We will definitely meet Eli next year again.

Sela Shimoni

Company with unusual quality, thank you for warm and good treatment.

Kfir Menashe

Eli is the best guide! We traveled with him to the Spanish Pyrenees in June 2018 and it was amazing. Highly recommended.

Maya Shechter

I strongly recommend this high level company! Most professional there is!

Saar Ferera

Different level of travel company. A pleasure to get service from people like those. Amazing experience, highly recommended!

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